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August 24, 2016 @ 2:12 pm

What Hospitals Should Do to Eliminate Waste

Proper disposal of medical waste continues to be a problem in the country. There is a great quantity of hospital waste that are produced daily. More than half of these waste are not hazardous. These non hazardous waste is made up of paper, plastic, food, glass, and cardboard. Most of the items found in hospital waste can still be recycled and reused. It is best to teach hospital staff not to throw away recyclable waste and put them in a separate containers. Check on the medical waste services if they practice environmentally safe procedures before hiring them to handle your hospital waste. The right medical waste services can reduce the amount of waste thrown in landfills and they can also eliminate the use of toxic chemicals and emissions. The worst waste service companies to choose are those that use incinerators because this method releases harmful materials in the atmosphere. Choosing the best hospital waste services require careful research.

There are many hospitals that surprisingly use toxic chemicals in their daily cleaning routine. Using these chemicals might endanger humans and the environment because they contain toxins. There are many green or environmentally friendly products that can be used in cleaning hospitals. There are many sites online which offer these green cleaning products. These products are also made from recycled materials and they are free of dangerous chemicals. Going green does not happen overnight, so you need not throw the products that you already have, but you can slowly plan to make the changes as soon as possible.

Changes in the hospital building are also necessary to implement. Switching to more efficient energy sources can help the health industry reduce its energy usage, according to the environmental protection agency. Health care facilities should take advantage of the program that does free energy audits. It is beneficial for the health facility to receive information and advice through this program to help them to save energy. Even employees are given some valuable steps to help ensure energy savings and some of these include turning off machines that are not in use, and checking their hot water system for leaks. A hospital in a major city has stopped using latex gloves and subjects the building to natural light for most of the day in their effort to reduce energy consumption and to go green. You can switch to energy efficient lighting if there is not enough windows to let natural light in.
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A big difference can be seen with a lot of small changes. If you want to have a better world to live in then you should make every effort to go green. If hospitals have better medical waste disposal, cleaners which are toxic free and improvements in the building, then that hospital can be in the right path to a greener future.Short Course on Businesses – Covering The Basics