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January 29, 2017 @ 12:46 am

A Beginner’s Guide to Cloud Computing

One thing that you need to know about cloud computing is that it offers pay as you go service model, self service capacity, scalability, flexibility and affordability . These are the services that is the reason as to why cloud computing has become quite popular over the years. Another thing that you should know about cloud computing is that it has other names to it such as cloud server hosting, cloud and cloud hosting. What you should know about these kinds of terms is that they have been used around a lot but people do not even know what it means. So the question now is what is cloud computing?

One of the many things that you need to know about cloud computing is that this is not the same with the traditional hosting alternatives that is only using one dedicated server. The virtualization technology in order to share or pool resources that come from underlying network of physical servers us used by cloud computing. In simple words, in order to be able to bring what is in demand a group of physical servers will act as one big server. There is a very common way in order to access cloud computing and that is none other than sharing software, resources or data through the use of the internet. But that is not the only way for the reason that there is also the use of dedicated networks and intranets. There are services that are offered by the cloud computing and some of these are namely the following: applications, networks, platforms, servers and storage. The important thing that you need to know about these resources is that they are being accessed by users or applications and shared by organizations and people.

There are actually fundamental characteristics that the cloud computing has which makes it different from the traditional hosting alternatives. The characteristics that it offers ranges from measured service, rapid elasticity, resource pooling, broad network access and on demand self service.
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Being able to access the server services, email, network services or application without any human interaction is what it means to have an on demand self service. These are the only things that you will need: select the cloud computing resources, an account with the seller, security credentials and billing. So that you will be able to comply with the requirements all that you need to do is to access a web based self service and user friendly portal.
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The availability of the cloud computing services is actually over the intranet, a network, the internet or over a dedicated network. If you have the right credentials then you will be able to have access to this no matter where you are, whoever you are and no matter what time it is.

Each client has a different environment even though they have the same physical resources.