Planning Booth Designs for Outdoor Events

September 21, 2017 @ 1:21 am

Outdoor events require people to think a little differently about how they design their booth or display. There is much more to plan when an event is taking place in the great outdoors. Everything from shelter from the sun to the size and scope of the display is added to all the ordinary concerns people had when planning out their layout.

Remember the Elements

The biggest thing is to be prepared for anything nature produces. This could mean excessive heat or cold, pelting rain or blistering sun. It is also likely to mean an occasional gust of wind and a few insects. Climate controlled arenas provide much more protection than people realize. Plan properly by making certain it is possible to put everything under shelter or that it is acceptable for it to be exposed. Protect paper goods and delicate products by only having on display what is needed. Have seating arranged in sheltered areas and offer fans, bug sprays or other seasonal items as promotional gifts.

Stay in Scale

It is more difficult for a display to stand out under a giant sky than it is in a much more restrictive interior setting. This does not have to be intimidating. It really just means that displays can now be big. Really big. People have the opportunity to bring in larger displays, use massive banners and other signage and go a little further with the creativity of the events around their booth.

Enjoy the Atmosphere

Outdoor trade shows have an atmosphere that is more like a festival than a traditional sales event. Emphasize this by adding to the festive feel. Hand out summer-themed promotional items, set up a grill and hand out hot dogs or burgers and offer some carnival-like games for entertainment. Hire a magician or a guitarist to entertain in front of the booth.

Outdoor display ideas do not need to be any more complex or expensive than what is offered inside. Instead, the whole display just needs to be tweaked a little to compete with Mother Nature. Some booths will fit more naturally in this type of environment, particularly those that offer outdoor products, but that does not mean that creative ideas are not possible for everyone.