Selling SEO Services May Require Giving Away Free Advice

January 14, 2017 @ 7:40 am

No matter what kind of business someone operates, they need to be able to sell their product. With something like Search Engine Optimization, it seems like it should sell itself. After all, everyone needs to market their website to both reach their target audience and get it in the top results of searches as well. However, with so many companies offering these types of services, Selling SEO is getting harder and harder.

Even with the more stringent guidelines from Google and other search engines, many companies also try to do their own SEO. There are many products online telling business owners that they don’t need an SEO expert to get good search engine rankings. When these initiatives eventually fail, instead of business owners seeking out a professional for help, they often decide that SEO is more of a scam than a real way to market. Some major brick and mortar marketing firms also perpetuate that myth in an effort to get companies to purchase more traditional and expensive marketing methods.

With the competition, do it yourself campaigns and traditional marketing companies fighting online companies tooth and nail, it can be very difficult for a new SEO company to break ground. That’s why it’s important for them to set themselves apart from other companies.

One way to do this is to offer free advice to potential customers. For example, when a website isn’t created in the best way possible, contacting the company that runs it and offering free advice on how to make it perform better can actually lead to a paying customer. If the company chooses to implement the suggestions, and those suggestions lead to an increase in ranking or traffic, then this could cause them to reconsider their current SEO tactics and work with a professional (or a new company) in order to meet their marketing needs.

This is only one very small way a company can help themselves when it comes to selling their SEO products. There are many other tactics that a company can use with great success. With online resources and professional services offering their own free advice, any SEO company can find the help they need to gain more success when it comes to selling their products.